Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Promises, Progress and Reputation.

What promises do you make, either implicit or explicit to your clients, loved ones or co-workers?
(T H I N K    A B O U T   I T)
Do you keep them? Do you try to exceed their expectation? Do you make an effort even when it is hard or the prior promise is one you'd rather forget about?
(T H I N K    A B O U T   I T)
If you answered YES: Congratulations. You have made a valuable first step toward getting what you want.
If you answered NO: Think about the feeling you get when you are disappointed. You should be feeling that now. You have failed yourself.
In the end, the keeping of promises establishes your reputation. Reputation is a bit like virginity.Once it is gone, it is rather difficult to regain.
ABC - Always Be Committed. You Promised. Now Deliver.

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