Thursday, March 13, 2014

Want people to read your content? Stop blogging! #Twog it.

   If you want people to read your content, twog it, don't blog it.

   Most of us are pretty unknown. So why is anybody going to invest twenty minutes on our blog?

   Oh, that's right, they're not. 

   Apply Franklin Roosevelt's advice to writing: "Be sincere, be brief, be seated." 

   People will learn they can trust you to make your point and exit. It's appreciated.

   When you respect their time, they'll enjoy your writing.

   Twog, n. a blog of less than 140 words

   On that note, I'll leave with 47 words to spare.

   Happy twogging!


  1. A perfect strategy it is to get millions of people reading you! Thank you Tim for this valuable piece of advice. #Twog

  2. Hello Tim, I would like to do a celebrity interview with you to post on my blog. Let me know, have an exceptional day! Peace...

  3. Just found your book on Amazon! It's like an MBA, a revival meeting, and a great margarita all rolled up into one.