Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'm so mad I might have a opportunity!

   Had a recent experience sitting on hold, waiting in a line, perhaps struggling with some packaging?

   Those experiences are all opportunities. Places where someone made a decision to value the short term profit of their business over your time.They could have hired more people to handle your call, more personnel to deal with a long line, or designed packaging that could be easily opened.

   All those are an opportunity, as are many many other situations you encounter in your day to day life. When there is a gap between your desired experience and the one presented by a business there is an opportunity.

   There will be far too many opportunities for you to act on, even if you wanted to. However, you may find that once you realize this, you begin noticing more and more instances where a slight alteration in a business process could have yielded an amazing experience. You may even stop getting mad as you'll be too busy observing.

   Have a great day. Watch out, there are opportunities everywhere!

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