Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why should you buy the book "Alphabet Success"?

   1) At $4.99, it's less than a Big Mac meal, of considerably more long-term value, and has zero calories.

   2) It's 78 pages. Very short, likely a twook (a tweet-like book). One of the major decisions in buying a book is what are you going to get out of it, esp. in relation to the time invested.

   3) The return on investment from my book is pretty much a guaranteed positive, provided you read it and apply it. There's is nothing in the book that cannot be done by "mortals". 

   4) The book in comprised of nine lessons, each told using an acronym to help remember it, and includes what I consider essential elements of succeeding, in anything.

   5) So, click anywhere here to get started.

   Thank you. Please let me know what you think. Feedback is awesome. 

PS - Yes, it's a Kindle book. Kindle has FREE software to read the book on any smart phone, tablet as well as PCs and MACs. It can be downloaded from Android for related tablets, iTunes for iPads and MACs by clicking here. Please let me know if you have trouble.

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