Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thanks for everything Dad!

   Today marks seven years ago that my dad walked off the mortal coil and into eternity.

   While I miss him, everybody goes sooner or later. He was looking out at his beloved garden transitioning into spring when it happened. I guess if you have to check out, that's a pretty good place to exit. As always, well done Dad.

   It's nice to reflect back in gratitude at all the things he did, tolerated, encouraged, and prevented in the course of my life. I'll not burden you with the lengthy list, but please take it on faith I was not an easy project.
  If you are fortunate enough to have your parents around, take the time to say thanks. Some parents are blessings directly, and others require a more creative skill set to admire, but with few exceptions, they kept us fed and provided a roof. For most of us, much more than that.

   So take the time to say thanks, and be grateful. While you're at it, work diligently to be worthy of the thanks of the people in your life. Create a lasting circle of gratitude.

   Thanks again Dad. I miss you.


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