Friday, July 5, 2013

In Frustration, Find Inspiration

   Arrhhhhhggggg! The feeling of frustration is basically the intersection of an expectation with a different reality. Provided your expectation is reasonable, you may have discovered an opportunity.

   For instance, you are trying to order something and you simply cannot find a person in a company/ies that is remotely helpful. If whatever you are ordering is something related to a hobby, or interest, this may be a golden moment. If you can end up as the supplier of goods for that field, assume it is some art related hobby where there are other interested parties likely suffering the same frustration, it can be a fast track to a great business, or side-business.

   It is easy to dismiss these situations as just another annoyance, but always remember that under the lack of service or an available product is an opportunity.

   Use the energy you would normally devote to concocting an elaborate curse upon the company giving you fits and think of how you might benefit personally from their lack of ability to essentially do their job.

   One ore two things will come out of this: a) you will refocus some negative energy in a positive direction and or b) you will discover an opportunity to make your hobby a money maker. Beats the concocting of curses.

   When you realize that your daily encounters with incompetent people are actually a fertile field of opportunites waiting to be seized, your frame of reference changes. People placed in the wrong position, and frequently, companies that have been unchallenged for so long they have simply stopped trying. The latter is a truly fantastic opportunity.

   So, the next time you see a situation begin to unfold that has the potential to make you crazy remember MNO - Make Notes and Observations. Turn frustration into opportunity.

   By using MNO (Making Notes & Observations) you can turn a otherwise bad day into pure gold.

   Start writing!

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