Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NSA, Edward Snowden, and a bit more about honesty...

Forget the political aspects of this if you possibly can.

Is Edward a traitor? Well, given that I have only seen what has been presented in the news, which hardly rises to the level of evidentiary rules of a courtroom, who knows?

Has my own government been a little short in the honesty department? Yes.

Now, you might ask "Aren't you also drawing your conclusions from the same news you mentioned just a second ago?" Kind of, but the overwhelming effort to paint this guy as an evil worm and the myriad of press with elected members of our government droning (pardon the pun) on about the damage he has done sort of tells me that he hit a nerve.

That our President owned up to the program after the fact seals the deal. They lied through omission.

This blog is not the place I want to debate policy. But I think it is fair to say that whether or not the PRISM program is worthwhile we deserved to know about it from the people we hired when we elected them.

How does that belong in a blog about success? Because Congress has terminally bad ratings. There are not many people who trust anything a politician says. Now this is not exactly new ground, as their has always been a bit of a barrier between what will get you elected and what you can get done.

However, the lack of honesty and transparency has lead to the decline in their ratings on both sides of the aisle. If someone was elected on the principal that they would do something, they should go down fighting for the principal or promise they set forth.

Second and of equal importance, my fellow U.S. citizens deserve to know what portion of our civil rights are given away in an effort to protect us. The government is NOT the boss. We are. You don't hide things from the boss. Sometimes the truth might be hard for "the boss" to hear, but it still must be told. Honesty isn't only what you say, it is also informing those you work for of things that they will even potentially consider important.

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