Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Secret Sexy Life of Plankton....

   Well, that is my take on the sensation of being a new author on the market. I'm a lonely plankton, floating in the ether of the internet, hoping to somehow get noticed, to be the sexy plankton, a plankton hottie. But most likely I am  "looking for love in all the wrong places..." The world of search engine optimization, and trying to get noticed on here, or Amazon, or anywhere is frankly a little daunting. Probably because I have never "ridden this bike" before.

   In a room of people or one on one, I am ready to rock and roll. That matters not one iota online. The e-world is impervious to charm. It is a world of key words, algorithms and getting the right placement that taps into those same formulas. There are some similarities to "normal" life, but the way to the goal line isn't clear. Frankly, a lot of people say they know the way but I'm not so sure that they really know. Because if they really knew how to stay in a top ranking and maintain visibility, why give the formula away?

   It is like stock trading. The advice is pretty worthless. Because anybody who really knows how to run the market printing press isn't going to tell you. They'll use it to make a few billion, buy an island and say bye-bye. Or in the instance of Buffett, most folks don't have the testicular resolve to sit out the ups and downs of Mr. Market.

  But just like a small kid (or plankton), I have as good a chance as any other plankton. So if I try to be smart, and have a plan that works, and adjust it as I go along, I should end up with a book that more than my immediate circle of family and friends has heard about. Otherwise I may get to do some whale watching.

  From the inside.

  Have a great weekend.


  The Sexy Plankton aka Tim of the future bestseller "Alphabet Success"

  ps - available today....for the cost of a Starbucks latte.

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